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Art & Fable Puzzle Co. HEADQUARTERS

Located outside of Philadelphia in

Doylestown, PA 

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What Art & Fable Puzzle Company does best...

Terms & Conditions of Sale

 We guarantee your purchase 100%!  

We understand that during the manufacturing process of paper puzzles,

pieces may get damaged or lost.

If this is the case, please send back your puzzle

for a full refund or replacement.  

Email us with the order details and a photo of the problem.  Or, just isolate the problem

piece(s) when you mail the puzzle back so we can inspect it ourselves. 

Shipping & Return Policy

All packages will be shipped within 3 working days of placing the order, and by the most cost effective

and efficient shipping carrier available. We do not pay return shipping on a puzzle, but will send the

next one out free of charge if there is an identifiable problem with the puzzle we receive back.

 Puzzle Pet Peeve # 4: flared puzzle knobs. 

 If this is an issue with an A&F puzzle, we will personally glue the piece(s) back together! 

 I keep a handy bottle of Elmers to smear on the edge if ever I see 

 a piece where the cardboard delaminates or the image lifts from the cardboard. 

 Thank goodness this is not a huge issue, and that it is also easily fixed! 

Repaired puzzles will be donated to an autism support center.