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James Feehan refers to his art as an example of the narrative style. His painting is the confluence of realism and suggestion pursued visually. He sees his subjects as “portraits of on new journeys...seen with more than a touch of whimsy.” Although most of Feehan's paintings exhibit his characteristic figurative work, he believes that his pieces are fundamentally inspired by the Bucks County location; an area of welcoming artists and of celebrated landscape, both artistically imagined and real.

Diana Ferguson is an internationally recognized visual artist

whose work illustrates her belief that the ordinary is a thing of beauty. She uses simple shapes to create figures and landscapes, inhabiting a visual narrative that inspires the viewer to bring their own interpretation to the story. Ferguson’s work crosses a broad spectrum of visual media and have appeared in a wide range

of collections and publications.

Maureen Hyde bases her work in a strong classical foundation, pursuing fine craftsmanship and draughtsmanship as the substructure of her art. She is currently a principal instructor in the Intensive Drawing and Painting programs at the Florence Academy of Art. Florence, Italy.  Hyde choreographs her painting as a dance of light illuminating the natural world and the Italian landscape.

Mandy Budan uses strong color, discrete shapes, and rhythmic patterns to reveal the beauty of nature in unexpected ways, rearranging the elements in her abstract landscapes. Her inspiration springs from the green spaces in her home province of Ontario, where she looks for an elusive combination of light, color, and shape that will stimulate her creative energy. Budan’s work is in various private and corporate collections around the world and has received numerous awards.

Ausa Julia Hylton is a painter based in Oregon who works primarily in watercolor and oil. Her work is inspired by dreams and their characteristic conundrum of being meaningful, meaningless, or even both simultaneously. Hylton hopes that her audience will interpret her work as they would a dream of their own, connecting to their own subconscious visual language.

Plein air painter Bryan Mark Taylor finds inspiration through his travels to diverse locations such as Cuba, China, Italy, France, Mexico, and Slovenia. In these environments, he focuses on capturing quickly vanishing landscapes. His artworks are in private collections, have been featured in numerous art magazines and are on display in museums across the country.  As Taylors paintings are viewed in exhibitions around the world, his work is a testament to the importance of preserving nature in the face of its transience. 

Clement Mmaduakor Nwafor is a self-taught, award-winning Nigerian artist who mixes collage (often using local cloth fabric) and oil paint to create colorful, mixed-media paintings. His stunning portraits are a means to showcase the metaphysical relationship between the face and the soul.

Maria Brzozowska is an illustrator and visual storyteller currently based in Turkey. Her painted dreamscapes prominently feature fictional transport and eccentric architecture, exploring the visionary imagination, memory, and escapism. Brzozowska encourages her audience to peel away the different levels of her work and in the process, create their own meanings.