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Doylestown, PA 

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What Art & Fable Puzzle Company does best...

Puzzle for Good

In addition to making great puzzles and supporting great artists, it is our mission to give back

with every puzzle we sell. Through your puzzle purchase on this Puzzle for Good website, you are supporting not only the fundraiser of your choice, but also the charitable work of the following organizations.

 Be proud of your puzzle and your support of these organizations!

Post your puzzle pictures on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags


#puzzleforgood   &   #puzzleproud


You can do more good by tagging the organization on your post so more folks

will learn about their good deeds and how to support them with an A&F puzzle purchase.

You will find their tags and our

program updates on our @puzzleforgood instagram page.

Paper Puzzles are Earth Friendly 

We love that our paper jigsaw puzzles tread lightly on the earth. All Art & Fable merchandise is

made from recycled paper content. The puzzle, box and insert are all fully recyclable. We purposely

selected a box size for manufacture that has a reduced carbon footprint compared to standard

puzzle boxes.​  We also provide a resealable bag in every box so you can keep your puzzle for

years to come and re-experience the fun!​

*In many cases we select an organization based on an artists recommendation.  We also have a special place in our hearts

for Autism Awareness, and through our donations we will continue to support organizations that enhance the lives of

children and adults living on the spectrum.  We will also donate repaired puzzles to an autism support center. 

#autisimo #differentisbeautiful 



  • The Malala Fund

    • Ankara and Beauty

  • Autism Speaks

    • Tale of Two​

  • Greenpeace, USA

    • Still Life with Pears

  • The Ronald McDonald House of Knoxville, TN

    • Woodland Walk

  • The Kennedy Krieger Institute

    • Watcher, Protector

    • Birth of a Dream

  • The Public Domain Review

    • A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden​

  • Tiny Miracles Pet Rescue of Chalfont, PA

    • Poultry Pageant​

  • Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Services

    • Along the River 

  • Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County, PA

    • East of the Sun and West of the Moon​

  • The Massachusetts Humane Society

    • That's the Point​

  • The Trevor Project

    • Love Declaration​

  • Notre-Dame Fire Restoration Fund French Heritage Society

    • The Bohemian​

  • The Mockingbird Society, Seattle, WA

    • Carnival Parade​